Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary (kling_klang_bed) wrote in deaddollsinc,
Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary

Hey all, just wanting to introduce myself (sorry about the cross posting as well, I've been meaning to say hi to several communities I belong to for quite a while), and say hi to everyone.
A little about me.....................

Musically, I listen to bands (not counting ones I work with of course) like Das Ich,Children Of Bodom,My Dying Bride,Napalm Death,Finntroll,Cryptomnesia,Diary Of Dreams,Cesium 137,Opeth,Haujobb,Cleen,HMB,Project Pitchfork,Yeht Mae,Love Like Blood,Madredeus,Therion,Emperor,Die Form,Run Level Zero,Bach,Hocico,Beethoven,so on and so forth. I have a collection of over 3000 CDs so it's kind of hard to name all of them here, and esp. when I have them listed in my interests. I listen to quite alot. Mention a group and most liekly I've heard them and perhaps even interviewed them haha.

I run a promotions and management company for the "Grey Area" (industrial,gothic,techno,experimental,shoegazer,triphop,metal,etc.) music scene, handling such bands as Mentallo And the Fixer,Fektion Fekler,Ikon,Final Selection,Common Dream,Dorcha, and much more, mostly here in America, though I have worldwide connections. I try to work and promote a more daring view of goth-industrial style music, veering away from the manufactured music coming out these days, and avoiding disposable club hits in favor of more cutting-edge song quality. If you're ever interested in seeing or hearing the artists I work with:

Well, I look forwarding to talking to all of you in the near future, feel free to add me or drop me a line at Geistimsturm (Yahoo) and Eisegarten (AIM). Or both.
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