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Dead Dolls Incorporated's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dead Dolls Incorporated

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[04 Jan 2006|03:42pm]

hi i have a new site please visit it


please add a comment in the guestbook aswell. ty
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Shameless Promotions! [10 Oct 2005|12:34pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Looking for images [01 Dec 2004|10:34am]

I'm looking for images similar to the following images any help would be appreciated:
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[30 Jul 2004|02:50am]


[15 Apr 2004|03:40am]

Hey all, just wanting to introduce myself (sorry about the cross posting as well, I've been meaning to say hi to several communities I belong to for quite a while), and say hi to everyone.
A little about me.....................

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dollie time ! [29 Nov 2002|12:08pm]

[ mood | ugly-o ]

fallen ballerina

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[23 Sep 2002|01:05am]

Hi! My name is Josie Nutter and I'm a full time web developer, part-time college student, actress and alternative fashion model. I am a partner / talent agent for Wicked Talent, an agency for actors and models of a darker nature. I'll be popping in a bit now and then to see what's going on here.

If you guys could reply to this post with URLs of your favorite photographers, artists and clothing designers, I'd appreciate it. I'm compiling a database of people involved in the alternative art scene so we can get some major networking going.
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[16 May 2002|07:04pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

hey girls i'm new here. my name is ayuko meno and i'm 14 years old. i love dancing! i'm taking ballet and jazz right now...mainly focusing on ballet though. this summer i will pick up tap dancing. anywhere so there is my boring into lol...

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[01 May 2002|12:04am]

Next months club event features a german dj, Timo Maas, and they're decorating the club up like a whacked toybox. The promoter wants us to dress like dolls, different kinds of dolls. (rag dolls, china dolls, baby dolls, marionnettes?)
Any of you have references to any plays, ballets, etc (besides the nutcracker) where dolls play a role and I might be able to get costume ideas? For some reason I always get stuck putting the costumes together, but I'm just brain dead right now, and need some inspiration.
There are 4 of us, we need to all be different, we prefer a fetishy bent, but not overtly goth. I am the only one who knows how to sew so they need to be simple enough for me to make all 4 in two weeks, and comfortable enough to dance in for up to 6 hours.
Thanks for your help and suggestions. I can't think straight right now because I'm moving next week and I think I packed my brain, but I don't know which box it's in. =/
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danse macabre [18 Mar 2002|09:17am]

bonjour! do you know where i can find a pair of black pointe shoes?
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Bellydance. [11 Mar 2002|11:39pm]


by kattaryna
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[02 Mar 2002|01:08am]

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swanDive [25 Feb 2002|02:40pm]

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[17 Feb 2002|10:38pm]

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[11 Feb 2002|02:13pm]
I ended up ordering some black leg warmers (27 inches long) from them, a pair of tights (black) and a new leotard it's black and long sleeved with V paneling I should recieve it by weeks end I hope. I don't usually do much ballet any more but the clothes are great for my yoga and sometimes I like to dance as a form of exercise. I'm too tall and to v shaped for dancing proffessionally
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[09 Feb 2002|01:04pm]
has anyone ever shopped through discount dancer supply?? They're awsome and you can order COD which is great if you have no credit card. I just ordered some pants and a top for working out, a diet book, and a dance works aerobic video they cater to ballet, point, classical, jazz, ballroom and funk dancers. And some of the clothes you could buy just to wear on the street. I love their warm ups, I'm going to make another order with them soon and get some

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new here [03 Feb 2002|02:20am]
[ mood | listless ]

Im new here. Im not a dancer or anything like that. However I am thinking about becoming a dancer of the exotic nature. Not for awhile because im not really in an appropriate state to dance. Maybe in about 6 months though.

What I am getting at is there a market for gothy dancers? My friend said she saw one buy was really cheesy with a stupid wig and such.
Do the clubs care about piercings/tattoos?

Any comments would be appreciated.

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[01 Feb 2002|12:44am]

Alright, I'm trying to find a community for people who sew clothing. The community directory is still down, and the number of people who list sewing as an interest is so high that it won't give me a list.
So, do any of you know of any such communities??
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[29 Jan 2002|08:07am]

Happy one year anniversary to me.

I hate to bring this up, however, it's been an on going issue and I think this might help things to be cleared up a bit. His X girlfriend has had animosity toward me since I was 18. I understand, nobody likes their boyfriends being swooned over, however, I had been interested in him since I was 15. I knew that him and I would be together at some point, but I wasn't going to steel him away. Things happen for a reason, and sure, sometimes I feel bad, sort of, not really because she has been such a cold bitch who is still not over the whole thing, which is understandable, he's a great guy. Now, do you continue to loath that person because something happened almost 2 years ago, or do you get over it because he was never the one to cheat on her? I guess it was harsh because we started dating a month after they broke up, and I guess before then I was an issue they would argue about, him and I talked once or twice when they were dating. I wouldn't have dated him sooner than I did for the reason that we weren't ready for each other, which is the case for many of my failed relationships. I just want this whole thing to be over with. She's been a good girl and hasn't been lying about anything recently, though an occasional reply to my post is done, but that's unavoidable, I suppose. I don't mean to involve you Shellee, but I'm glad that you and I are talking, I had the most fun with you at Magic Mountain and your party. You are the sweetest women and I'm glad we are starting to be friends.
A lot of shit happened in the few months Victor and I were together, with roommates and other people that turned against me when she talked all of that shit and lied about everything. I'm not a mean person, but my defenses will go up if I feel threatened. I'm not afraid to fight my own battles, but this is something that is taken out on me, when really there are a lot of questions that are needed to be asked, but this isn't involving me, this has to do with Victor. I know what it's like to not be over my significant other then have them dating already, but that's life. I don't know, things just work out for a reason. I know what it's like to be hurt, but it's over done dead get over it for fuck's sake
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[27 Jan 2002|05:49pm]

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